Mail in knife sharpening?  Yes!  It’s simple and inexpensive.

How to Package & Ship Knives

The next step is to have an appropriate container, and we have found that both UPS and FedEx have flat rate boxes that work well. The medium sized box is plenty big unless you have very long knives.  Assemble the box per instructions.

  1. Wad up a couple pieces of newspaper and place them firmly in the closed end of the box.  (This will keep any points from poking through.)
  2. At this point, the  best option is either an old towel (see video) or newspaper used to wrap the knives before placing them in the box with the point down.  10 knives easily fit in this box, and the shipping is very inexpensive.
  3. Now pack a little more paper around the knives so they don’t move around when you shake the box a little, and seal the top.

Pop it in the mail, and in about one week, you will receive your newly sharpened knives back, ready for use.